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Acontece na Maple Bear

Large classrooms, generously equipped with books and items related to the Maple Bear methodology

In every school the classroom is one of the key facilities, it is where core parts of the learning process happen in a fun and playful way. AtMaple Bear schools the classrooms follow strict quality requirements to facilitate the application of the methodology in the best way possible.

Here are some highlights of the classrooms at Maple Bear Juiz de Fora:

  1. Large room size of 55m² for a reduced number of children (maximum 18 per class).
  2. Integrated child-friendly bathroom (with toilets, sinks and shower).
  3. Height-adjusted sink inside each classroom for hand hygiene.
  4. Energy plugs located out of reach for children.
  5. Direct access to the Solarium with wet play and gardening area
  6. Furniture from certified suppliers developed in alignment to the Maple Bear methodology (e.g. the set-up in learning centers which are typical for Maple Bear).
  7. Generously equipped with educational toys and items used during the program to ensure a fun and playful learning experience (e.g. large variety of educational puzzles and toys, costumes etc).
  8. In addition, every pre-class has access to 200-300 books in English, chosen by Canadian educators in alignment to the children’s age of the respective pre-class.

Below we have included a video providing more details about the structure of Maple Bear classrooms as well as some insights to the methodology.

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